SEMA: Nexen Tire unveils all-new Roadian GTX grand-touring tire

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Nexen Tire America announced the global debut of the all-new Roadian GTX grand-touring tire at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The company’s highly anticipated Roadian GTX will cater to the small crossover- and midsize-SUV segments. Nexen set out to develop one of the most competitive tier-one tire solutions available on the CUV/SUV market today understanding that durability, ride comfort and affordability are at the forefront of consumer’s needs. The crossover and midsize-SUV vehicle segment is one of the fastest-growing automotive segments in the U.S. and the Roadian GTX tire gives drivers a top-tier, high-performance tire solution at an affordable price.

Now more than ever, consumers are more particular when selecting tires, demanding longer tread life and top-tier mileage warranties. The all-new Roadian GTX offers a segment-leading 70,000-mile warranty in addition to 36-months of roadside assistance. The Roadian GTX is available for more than 90% of the most popular CUV/SUV OEM tire sizes in the market today, and like many of Nexen’s existing tires — such as the Roadian MTX Xtreme off-road tire — the Roadian GTX is backed by the same 45-day or 500-mile money back guarantee trial.

Specifications of the all-new Roadian GTX grand-touring all-season tire include:

  • 680 A A U.T.Q.G. treadwear rating
  • Available in more than 34 sizes
  • Sizes range from 17- to 22-inches covering 90% of OEM sizes on the market today
  • Speed rating H, V & W available
  • Top-tier 70,000-mile warranty
  • 36-month roadside assistance

“Crossovers and mid-size SUVs are dominating the new and used car markets and we at Nexen Tire know these drivers need a top-tier tire solution at an affordable price point. That is why we developed the Roadian GTX,” said John Hagan, executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc. “Many families rely on a single vehicle for all their transportation needs, which causes additional mileage and the need for more tread life out of tires. The Roadian GTX not only delivers incredible tread life, it also provides superior ride-quality and overall reliability.”

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