Pirelli shows entire wide P Zero range at Abu Dhabi

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Pirelli shows entire wide P Zero range at Abu Dhabi

As the era of deliberately high tire degradation in racing came to an end at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last weekend, Pirelli presented the entire range of its wider, next generation P Zero tires.

The company also unveiled its new tread pattern for its Cinturato intermediate and wet tires.

The new tires are designed to provide less degradation, introducing a new philosophy for the technical revolution that will provide even more performance next year.

The front tire has grown wider by 60mm (2.36 inches), going from 245mm (9.65”) to 305mm (12”). The rear tire is wider by 80mm (3.15”), from 325mm (12.8”) to 405mm (15.9). As a result, the 2017 tires are around 25 percent wider than the current tires. This applies to the intermediate and full wet tires as well as the slicks.

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The new 2017 slick tire measurements are 305/670-13 at the front and 405/670-13 at the back. The Cinturato intermediate tires will have a diameter of 675mm (26.5”), while the Cinturato full wet tires will have a diameter of 680mm (26.7”). The rim size remains unchanged at 13 inches.

New P Zero tested over recent months

Pirelli has been testing the 2017 tires over recent months, using mule cars at Abu Dhabi with Ferrari. At the Grand Prix on Tuesday mule cars from Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull were all seen on track together for the first time. Pirelli said it was so far satisfied with the results of testing. The company said while they had delivered an increase in downforce compared to current cars, “the mule cars are still some way from the real performance of the 2017 cars, which will influence the way that the compounds behave in particular.”

“A number of these compounds, designed with a new philosophy and new materials, have already begun to meet the targeted objectives: lower degradation and greater resistance to overheating, allowing them to consistently maintain an optimal level of grip. But all these results will be validated at the start of next year in representative conditions. One complication comes from the fact that some European tests have been run in cold conditions and rain, limiting the relevance of these tests.”

For more information check out the Pirelli Motorsport website.

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