Pirelli recalls OE P Zero tires on Maserati

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Pirelli recalls OE P Zero tires on Maserati

Pirelli Tire announced this weekend it was recalling certain P Zero All Season tires supplied as original equipment on Maserati cars.

The tires are size 275/40R19 101W and were manufactured between February 29, 2016, and October 29, 2016. These particular tires were manufactured as an original equipment fitment exclusively for certain Maserati cars.

Due to an incorrect carcass component, the affected tires may develop cracks in their lower sidewall, possibly resulting in a loss of air. A loss of air may result in tire failure or a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

What happens now?

Some 1,190 tires have been affected. Pirelli will notify Maserati owners and the dealers that purchased the tires as replacements. Pirelli will work with Maserati to replace the tires, free of charge. Pirelli will work with Maserati to have replacement tires installed on vehicles that remain in its own or dealer inventories prior to delivery to purchasers or lessors. Letters will also be sent to each of the distributors and dealers who purchased tires for the replacement market, directing them to check their inventory to inspect the date code to determine if they have any affected tires.

The recall is expected to begin sometime this month. Owners may contact Pirelli customer service at 1(706) 368-5800. For more information visit the NHTSA website here.

What went wrong?

The fault was discovered on October 27th this year while Pirelli conducted control plan testing on tires from production week 43 of year 2016. The company informed the NHTSA that one tire did not meet the requirements of Pirelli’s internal testing specifications. Examination of the tire determined there was an incorrectly sized component present. Pirelli immediately began a check of production tires on the weeks either side of the affected week, which determined the production range of tires with the issue.

Sample tires were subjected to the entire Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 139, New Pneumatic Radial Tires for Light Vehicles, and all tires successfully passed all tests. All stock in all Pirelli warehouses was checked to determine if any tires from the affected production range were present; none were found.

On November 8, 2016, even though the tires passed all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Pirelli decided to conduct a recall of the affected tires out of an abundance of caution. Maserati SpA was notified on November 8, 2016 so that it could be determined which cars had the affected tires fitted to them. They informed Pirelli they assigned internal recall #324 to this matter.

Pirelli is not aware of any returns or any reports of accidents or issues related to the fault.

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