Michelin launches “Peerless” CrossClimate2 passenger tire

© Michelin

Michelin has launched a tire with a combination of performance and safety attributes that have never been seen in a passenger or crossover tire in North America.

The Michelin CrossClimate2 tire was designed to bring unmatched year-round performance in unexpected weather conditions.

Competitors in the “all-season” tire category typically deliver one or two performance areas well but have to make sacrifices in other areas that are important to drivers. The CrossClimate2 delivers them all – wet stopping, longevity, dry grip and snow performance.

“We designed this tire to deliver safety and performance in every stop, every turn, and throughout every season,” said Michelin brand director Matthew Cabe. “Parents, caretakers and all conscientious drivers understand the responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others when they drive. They don’t want to feel powerless. This tire gives them confidence and control in any weather, during any season.”

© Michelin

The CrossClimate2 has a distinct V-formation tread pattern. This tread pattern works together with the tire’s proprietary rubber compound to redefine the “all-season” category and bring drivers a tire that excels in more climate conditions than any competing product.

The CrossClimate2 will be available in 56 sizes, fitting 76% of the best-selling passenger cars and crossovers in the marketplace today. Currently 25 sizes are available. In early 2021, an additional 31 sizes will be available.

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