Hankook Tire unveils all-new Dynapro MT2 off-road tire

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Hankook Tire unveils the all-new Dynapro MT2 off-road tire, the successor of the popular off-road-focused Dynapro MT tire. The company says the new Dynapro MT2 mud terrain tire features next-generation MT tread design ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Engineered with 3D simulation software, Hankook leveraged the latest tire manufacturing processes to develop the Dynapro MT2’s Terrain Strike Tread Design. With an aggressive, high-void tread pattern, the tire is optimized for traction in mud, dirt, rock, sand and gravel surfaces. The tire’s sidewall features an integrated linking system that marries the shoulder and sidewall blocks increasing overall rigidity, traction, and protection from puncture and off-road abrasions.

“We’re excited to offer drivers a purpose-built tire designed to take on the toughest terrain both on and off-road,” said Hosung Suh, President, Hankook Tire America Corp. “Hankook’s new split mold technology improves sidewall durability and gives the tire a more seamless look by linking the shoulder and side wall blocks, making the Dynapro MT2 a perfect fit for the next generation of off-road vehicles.”

Hankook Tire offers outdoor enthusiasts an all-access pass to adventure with the all-new Dynapro MT2 (RT05).

Hankook Tire offers outdoor enthusiasts an all-access pass to adventure with the all-new Dynapro MT2 (RT05).

While the Dynapro MT2 is designed for extreme off-road performance with built-in stone ejectors and scooped shoulder blocks, the unified construction of the tire provides a compliant on-road feel which also assists in keeping road noise down to a minimum. For enthusiasts looking to conquer new terrain with the Dynapro MT2, the new aggressive Wraparound Tread and Sidewall Protection Shields both work to provide extra biting edges when crawling over rocks as well as additional rubber gauge construction to protect against punctures.

“Innovation is the key ingredient and driving force behind all of our premium products at Hankook,” said Jong Jin Park, Director of Marketing Strategy, Hankook Tire America Corp. “The SUV and Light Truck market is stronger than ever, and the Dynapro MT2 is a response to that. It achieves a perfect balance of off-road capabilities, while maintaining a quiet, comfortable driving experience on the road.”

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