Continental Tire launches the VikingContact 7 winter tire

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Continental Tire launches its newest winter tire, the VikingContact 7 available in 91 sizes from 15”-20”.

“We’re excited to be expanding our winter tire offering with the VikingContact 7,” said Travis Roffler, Director of Marketing, Continental Tire. “Utilizing several different technologies, the VikingContact 7 is the ideal tire for winter conditions. From extreme grip on snowy and wet surfaces, to enhanced traction and braking, the VikingContact 7 gives consumers the confidence they need in tricky road conditions.”

Continental developed the VikingContact 7 with the ideal balance between flexibility and stiffness and in turn, winter and wet performance. To fulfill the needs of snow and ice, but also rainy winter conditions especially in between seasons, the VikingContact 7 provides a new pattern design and a special compound solution for:

  • Superb grip performance on wintry and wet surfaces
  • Powerful traction and braking on icy and snowy roads
  • Precise tracking stability under all wintry conditions

The Optimized Nordic Compound provides superb grip on wintry and wet surfaces, while the Advanced Grip Concept delivers powerful traction and braking on icy and snowy roads. The Intelligent Pattern Design with its efficient groove network offers precise tracking stability in wintry conditions.

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