Continental celebrates 150 years of innovation and impact

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Continental was founded as a startup in 1871 to manufacture soft rubber products and rubberized fabrics. In its 150th year, Continental is showcasing how it has succeeded for so long by breaking new barriers across industries.

“15 decades of success. It’s remarkable to look back to see how the company has transformed from a startup to the international team that we are today,” said Samir Salman, CEO of Continental North America. “It demonstrates the strength of our people and our culture. The hard work and dedication of our employees in North America has been on full display despite the challenges over the past year plus. Their perseverance, passion and drive to innovate will power us for the next 150 years.”

Mobility has been the heartbeat of Continental since its inception. Continental makes automobiles smarter and more efficient with award-winning products like Transparent Trailer, Advanced Radar Sensors and innovative Head-Up Displays. Ensuring everyone on the road reaches their destination safely is a major focus. The technology inside cars has greatly improved road safety, and this year Continental is expanding that to infrastructure.

Continental is also a leader in the product that connects vehicles to roads: tires. As a pioneer in the rubber industry, Continental began producing pneumatic tires for bicycles in 1892. The new type of tire made it safe and comfortable to ride across paving stones – like the ones laid all around the Vahrenwald plant in 1899.

Over 125 years later, Continental Tire is still reimagining tires for contemporary mobility. Today, that includes electric vehicles, where Continental is breaking world records. Continental tires were relied on to set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for the longest distance covered by an electric truck without a charging stop. With partners DPD Switzerland and Futuricum, the EV truck traveled a total of 682.88 miles – equal to about ten hours of nonstop driving at highway speeds.

Continental has been recognized as a premium tire manufacturer throughout its history. Worldwide, three out of every four vehicles are equipped with its tires or automotive technologies. Now, Continental is showing the world the next frontier for tires: Russian dandelions. The flowering weed is held up as a key component to the future of tires at Continental Tire. The team has produced the first tires where the tread is made 100 percent out of Russian dandelion natural rubber as a polymer.

Continental’s impact is felt off the road as well. It develops products in Advanced Dynamics Solutions, Conveying Solutions, Industrial Fluid Solutions, Mobile Fluid Systems, Power Transmission Group, and Surface Solutions. The work benefits industries from agriculture to industrial plant engineering.

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