Tire Profiles announces the release of TreadSpec 2.0

Tire Profiles, a laser-based tire and alignment diagnostic technology company, announces the release of TreadSpec 2.0, the latest upgrade to the company’s original non-stop, drive-over system.

“The release of TreadSpec 2.0 is the next milestone in our company’s development,” said Dave Boyle, President and CEO of Tire Profiles. “TreadSpec revolutionized the automotive industry when we launched it 5 years ago, and this latest version will continue the legacy of helping our customers around the world grow their tire and alignment sales.”


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The upgraded features for TreadSpec 2.0 include a first-of-its-kind, durable, composite construction that won’t be affected by the harsh environmental conditions found in service drives and repair shops. The new design has a lower profile on the above-ground version that is easier for customers to drive over and will enhance any service drive with its futuristic look. TreadSpec 2.0 also features a patent-pending system to deflect water away from the system, reducing or eliminating the need for cleaning.

The company began taking orders for TreadSpec 2.0 on Sept. 4, 2018.


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TreadSpec is a drive-over system that provides a complete tire and alignment diagnostic. Vehicle service center customers drive over TreadSpec when entering the service drive. The system captures tire diagnostics in one easy step and outputs a single-page, proprietary report for the consumer that includes tire tread depth and recommendations on tire alignment/rotation.

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