SEMA prepares five custom student Jeep Wrangler builds for auction

© Chris Cervenka | C.D. Hylton High School

SEMA is auctioning off five custom student Jeep Wrangler builds to support its High School Vehicle Build Program and fund future student projects.

These give unique Jeep Wranglers will be available for purchase via auction on beginning July 15, 2019, in what is being referred to as “SEMA Week of Customs.”


© Collins Bros Jeep and Made Brand Studio | R.L. Turner High School

As part of SEMA’s High School Vehicle Build Program, each vehicle was customized by high school students working with industry volunteers and manufacturers. Sales from the vehicles will be used to fund future student projects, thereby creating a sustainable and growing program that provides students with real-world, hands-on educational experiences.


© Beam Photography | Comstock High School

The five builds were funded in part from money raised from a pilot program the previous year. The program which debuted in the 2017-2018 school year included one vehicle that sold for more than $56,000. The proceeds were used to successfully expand the program to include five high schools in 2018-2019.


© Gerry Ruelas Photography| Santa Fe Early College Opportunities

“We didn’t know what to expect during our first year,” said Zane Clark, SEMA Senior Director of Education. “But we’re encouraged and excited that we were able to expand and grow the program. We’re anxious and hoping that the community will see the positive results that came from the pilot program, and that they will come out and support the program again this year.”


© SEMA | Santa Ynez Valley Union High School

Supporters will be able to bid on the vehicles beginning July 15 through One vehicle will be released each day for five consecutive days, and will be available for bidding for seven days following its launch date. Proceeds from the vehicles will be reinvested into the program.

For more details about the program and the vehicles, visit or contact SEMA Youth Engagement Programs Manager Katie Hurst at

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