Radar Tire adds Renegade RT+ tire to their Rugged Terrain line

Radar Tires, an Omni United brand announced the addition of their new Rugged Terrain line, the Renegade RT+. The company says it saw a demand among customers for a combination of exceptional off-road performance, coupled with on-road comfort and handling. Hence it introduced the RT+ under its existing Renegade family.

The RT+ has been developed to meet the needs of the driver who demands superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride on road, while having exceptional off-road capabilities to go anywhere that a pure Mud-Terrain tire can. Functionally, Radar’s Rugged Terrain line falls in between its All-Terrain and Mud Terrain lines and offers drivers the best of both worlds.

The RT+ is a combination of rugged and aggressive looks with great on/off-road performance. It features computer optimized tread blocks with multiple lateral grooves and angled sides which ensure superb traction on all terrains. Its reinforced carcass construction reduces the risk of punctures and gives drivers sure-footed handling on all surfaces. It also features wide center tread blocks which help balance the weight distribution for stability and ensure the tread wears evenly. The engineers at Radar Tires have also added stone-ejectors to reduce the lodging and drilling of stones in the tread making it the driver’s ideal adventure companion.

In addition to offering great on/off road performance the RT+ also offers rugged and aggressive looks. It features a Dual Sidewall design and gives drivers the choice to switch between the Outlaw side with skull & piston and wedge-shaped side biters or the Mud penetrating side with dagger shaped side biters. These side biters offer added traction and sidewall protection.

The Renegade RT+ will comprise of F-load rated sizes which have been developed to meet the needs of the newest heavy duty models of Light Trucks in North America. These higher load rated sizes are able to carry heavier loads at higher inflation pressure (80 psi) compared to tires of the same size with an E-rated load range. The company says they have seen the demand in the market for these higher load carrying capacity sizes and have aimed to address that demand within their Renegade lines.

“The addition of the Rugged Terrain range takes our portfolio of on/off-road tires to the next level. Our Renegade lines now comprise of multiple sizes under the All Terrain, Mud Terrain and Rugged Terrain ranges, that dealers can order to serve the varied needs of their customers.” Said GS Sareen, founder and CEO, Omni United.

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