Nokian Tires launches new campaign: Ten Rules of Tires

Nokian Tires has launched a new campaign to educate drivers about safety and quality: Ten Rules of Tires. The campaign shines a spotlight on key information drivers may not know about tires – knowledge that could keep them safer on the road.

Nokian Tires is presenting the ten rules in a series of short articles drivers can access by visiting It will supplement the blog articles with video content, social media posts and other elements aimed at engaging consumers and driving them to tire shops.

Among the ten rules:

Purchase tires that suit your climate
High-quality tires are worth the investment
Tires are only as safe as their maintenance
When you’re choosing tires, trust the experts – tire dealers
Put stock in the tire features that actually matter

“Tires are more sophisticated than many drivers realize, and it’s important to choose the right set and take proper care of them,” said Nokian Tyres Marketing Communications Manager Wes Boling. “Through our Ten Rules of Tires campaign, we aim to present important facts every driver should know when they’re on the road or at the tire shop.”

The Ten Rules campaign coincides with National Tire Safety Week, which takes place August 31 through September 6, 2020. During National Tire Safety Week, members of the U.S. tire industry teach consumers essential facts about tire care and maintenance.

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