Hankook’s #DriveLikeAWoman campaign wins consumer award

Hankook Tire’s #drivelikeawoman consumer campaign for the Scandinavian market recognised with a distinguished Epica Award. The company won Bronze at the international Epica Awards for its informative campaign jointly between the Swedish non-governmental road safety association NTF and Hankook Tire Sweden. Statistics have shown that men and especially younger men aged between 18-25 years are more likely to have an accident on Swedish roads. The statistics speak for themselves – men are not as safe drivers as women. Studies show that men take more risks, drive with smaller margins and with significantly higher risk to themselves and others on the road more than women.

“We are delighted to receive such a prestigious award for a campaign where the main purpose was to increase road safety in Sweden by influencing how men and particular young men are driving. The title of the campaign was deliberately provocative and it took off immediately, reaching approximately 8 million people with our message and we hope that the roads are now a bit safer”, says Christine Silfversparre, Marketing Manager at Hankook Tire Sweden.

The Epica Awards are one of the largest and most prestigious advertising competitions in the world, and the judging panel consists of journalists from the world’s most important marketing and communication media: “The award gives us the motivation to continue with communications aimed at increasing road safety and challenging prejudices. If we have prevented at least one road accident by influencing young men to drive in safer way, this is an award in itself”, Christine Silfversparre added.

Tae Kyung Kim, Managing Director of Cheil Nordic commented “Drive like a woman” was based on statistics that show that women are much safer in traffic in contrast to those stereotypes that claim women are worse drivers than men. A movie was recorded where these prejudices were confirmed, but ended with what the reality looks like. The film was viewed widely without any bought media as Hankook, in collaboration with NTF, went to the Scandinavian media and spread the message through press releases, online and posts.

“It was the provocative message in combination with hard work using both PR and digital channels that made it possible to get this high reach. For Hankook as a relatively new and unknown brand on the Swedish market, this was a very good way of building awareness. As a player in the automotive industry it shows that Hankook priorities their consumers’ safety with their products and their approach in the market”, says Tae Kyung Kim, Managing Director of Cheil Nordic.

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