Hankook Tire launches the new Winter i*cept RS3 for winter driving

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Hankook Tire launched Winter i*cept RS3 in Korea to expand its premium winter tire portfolio. The company is bringing the new tread pattern to the European market next year and to other markets afterwards.

Winter i*cept RS3 is a tire designed to deliver safety for everyday use during winter. It gives a driver reliable handling on all conditions of roads including snow, wet and dry roads. In particular, small slots molded into the edge of main groove increase the tire’s contact surface with the ground, and thus give better grip even when cornering on snow covered curves.

“We are committed to offering tire products that ensure driver’s safety on the road based on our continued investment in R&D and the latest technologies,” says Sooil Lee, President and CEO of Hankook Tire & Technology. “We are confident that this new tire tread upgraded from our already highly praised winter tire will meet our customers’ high expectations.”

Stable braking on snowy roads is supported by an inverted V-shaped tread pattern engraved in opposite direction of the main groove angle. The corrugated 3D kerfs increase braking performance on snowy roads by 4%, compared to the prior 2D kerfs. The minimization of block movements, achieved by sawtooth-shaped 3D sipes also plays an important role in enhancing grip and braking.

Moreover, Winter i*cept RS3 adopted various technologies for effective drainage to ensure a high level of driving stability even in rainy weather. The rapid drainage of water via the two drainage grooves, which are thin groove in the shape of water pipe and wide V-shaped groove, reduces the risk of aquaplaning. In the meantime, a newly employed W–shaped pattern not only disperses water quickly but also clamps the block surface firmly with its sloped bars. This allows responsive handling at low temperatures in the rain during winter.

In addition to the tread design, the tire used high-grip silica, a natural compound, to contribute to excellent braking performance particularly on wet or slush-covered roads. The tread life has been improved by 10% compared to previous model upon improving braking performance on the wet surface.

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