Cooper Tire unveils new national ad campaign: Tire Advisor Uncle Cooper

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Cooper Tire unveiled a new national ad campaign that introduces drivers everywhere to a trusted source of tire advice – Uncle Cooper.

Personifying a no-nonsense relative who is expert in all things automotive, Uncle Cooper will never steer drivers wrong about the right tires.

Uncle Cooper was inspired by consumer research conducted for Cooper Tire which showed that consumers lack confidence in their tire buying decisions. They are anxious about tire purchases, which are expensive and often must be made quickly. Drivers also reported that despite a wealth of available information, they often have lingering questions after the purchase.

Uncle Cooper is positioned to ease these doubts as he represents a tire brand that is backed by a company with 105 years of delivering quality tires at a fair price. Cooper Tire is a true partner who is there for drivers through cold, rain, potholes and nails. Drivers need a source they can trust because tires are the only thing connecting cars to the road.

New Cooper Tire national print ad

© Cooper Tire

“Consumers consistently tell us they need someone they can turn to for straightforward advice on tires,” said Jessica Egerton, Cooper Tire’s Director of Brand Development. “Now, through Uncle Cooper, we can offer that advice in an extremely relatable and engaging way. We are telling consumers: ‘You don’t have to be a tire expert because now you have an uncle for that.’ When Uncle Cooper says, ‘Go with the Coopers,’ drivers can feel confident in their tire choice.”

Egerton continued, “This new campaign stands out in an industry where it seems the everyday driver is overlooked as many ad campaigns focus on extraordinary driving situations such as auto racing and extreme off-roading. Through Uncle Cooper, we want to engage all drivers with useful information and a bit of humor, ultimately providing consumers with confidence in their tires.”

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