Yokohama Tire introduces new all-season Avid Ascend LX tire


Yokohama Tire’s latest premium touring tire, the new AVID Ascend LX, is now available in 39 T-, H- and V-rated sizes.

The Ascend LX offers longer treadlife, superior wet traction, dependable winter traction and a quiet, smooth ride, as well as a hefty 85,000-mile tread life warranty on all sizes and speed ratings. Produced at Yokohama’s plant in Salem, Virginia, the Ascend LX is designed for passenger cars, minivans and crossovers in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 18 inches.

“The Ascend LX rounds out our AVID line and is the most complete touring tire available today,” said Bob Abram, Yokohama’s senior manager of consumer product planning. “It gives people what they want: exceptional all-season traction and comfort backed by an amazing mileage warranty.”

Benefits of the Ascend LX include:

  • Long tread life that’s achieved by the advanced, new L-2 compound, featuring a distinct polymer blend that delivers outstanding wear resistance. Plus, a wide, flat contour provides a large footprint that evenly distributes pressure to combat uneven wear.
  • Exceptional wet traction which is provided by four wide circumferential grooves, along with lateral grooves that help evacuate water and improve hydroplaning resistance.
  • Reliable winter traction which comes from the wavy 3D sipes on the shoulder and notches in the intermediate ribs. They provide many effective edges for excellent grip on wintery roads.
  • A quieter ride, which is assured by an offset tread design staggered in a five-block sequence that helps reduce pattern and road noise.

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