Yokohama develop concept tire for Maruti Suzuki concept EV

© Yokohama

Yokohama Rubber announced that it has developed a concept tire for Maruti Suzuki’s new concept electric vehicle (EV), the Concept FUTURO-e.

The new tire will be displayed together with the Concept FUTURO-e at the Maruti India Suzuki booth at Auto Expo 2020 to be held February 7-12 in New Delhi.

The body design of the Concept FUTURO-e is a fusion of coupe and SUV styles. Designed to be an SUV that will appeal to India’s young people who desire powerful and exciting vehicle designs, the Concept FUTURO-e represents Maruti Suzuki’s view of the next-generation in automobile styling.

The company developed a concept tire exclusively for the Concept FUTURO-e based on the concept of “a tire featuring a powerful and stylish design for the new generation of urban SUVs”. By combining the large lug grooves typical of powerful SUVs with rib grooves associated with more stylish and smooth running vehicles, Yokohama Rubber has created a design suitable for a new generation of urban SUVs.

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