Vipal Rubber introduces new VT250 tread snow and mud conditions

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Vipal Rubber, a manufacturer of tire retreading products, is introducing the new Vipal VT250, a new tread that guarantees high performance in snow and mud conditions.

The features of the VT250 are ideal for tackling terrain with snow and mud. Besides being made from a special rubber compound, the new tread also contains the M + S marking, which gives the product a guarantee of good performance in snow and mud conditions. In addition to these attributes, another highlight of the VT250 is the tread direction, which increases its traction and self-cleaning power, providing better grip in these conditions and reducing the uneven wear of the tread. Another differential of the tread is the Eye Control system. It is a wear indicator, in the shape of an eye, which helps the user to monitor the wear level of the tread. Through this system, it is possible to identify anomalies in alignment, balance and geometry and the suggested use time, as well as the time to remove the tire for new retreading. All aiming at the preservation of the casing and greater durability of the tire.

Gabriel Fuma, Commercial Manager of Vipal NAFTA, comments that the novelty has great potential in the North American market, the largest in the world for the tire retreading segment, due to its characteristics and benefits. “Vipal’s VT250 has everything to become a reference when it comes to tread for severe snow conditions because of its advantages, which will easily be perceived by the market, as they match what the fleets need”, he argues. According to Fuma, “the product was designed to serve fleets in the northern United States and Canada in the harsh winter, so installation is recommended immediately before winter.” The Vipal Manager also says that this launch complements, as a more modern and attractive option, the current Vipal’s line of snow treads, such as the VT130 and VT220, which serve the same type of application.

For Vipal Rubber International Business Director, Leandro Rigon, Vipal constantly seeks to add solutions to its product portfolio that respond to what carriers and fleet owners need. “We are always focused on identifying needs and offering appropriate solutions to the different markets in which we operate”. Rigon adds: “Carriers from cold regions of the globe, such as North America and Europe, need products that perform well in harsh conditions, and Vipal is always ready to offer the best solutions.”

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