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USTMA urges Ohio to approve unsafe used tire legislation

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association testified before an Ohio House of Representatives committee in support of consumer protection legislation to reduce the risk posed by unsafe used tires.

Courtney Titus Brooks, USTMA director government relations, said, “Requiring automotive service professionals to be appropriately accountable when they return used tires back to road service is a simple, reasonable attempt to protect consumers. We urge Ohio legislators to enact this important legislation.”

The Ohio Senate passed the legislation, SB 223, in December. USTMA is leading a coalition of Ohio business community organizations, tire dealers, automotive service professionals and safety advocates that support the measure.

The legislation defines an “unsafe tire” as tires with the following characteristics:

  • Worn-out tires (tread depth measurers 2/32nds inch or less).
  • Damage that exposes a tire’s inner components such as body plies or the steel belts.
  • Inner liner damage – the component of the tire that holds air to keep it inflated.
  • Tires with improper repairs.
  • Damaged tires treated with a tire sealant but not subsequently repaired to industry standards.

Under SB 223, violations can be subject to a fine of no more than $1,000 per violation. Additionally, installation of an unsafe used tire would violate the Consumer Sales Practice Act (Sec. 1345.03).

The Ohio Legislature requires that committees hear from bill sponsors, proponents and opponents with each typically receiving a separate hearing. SB 223 had its sponsor hearing last week. An opponents’ hearing and possible committee vote on the measure is expected next week.

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