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USTMA announces 2020 National Tire Safety Week

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) announced it will promote its yearly consumer tire safety awareness campaign, National Tire Safety Week, from May 18 – 24.

This initiative, “Know Your Roll,” educates motorists about tire care, safety and maintenance, including the potential dangers of unsafe used tires.

“As we embark on this new decade of tire safety, tire manufacturers are working hard to continue creating the smartest and most sustainable technologies that put the safest tires on the road,” said Anne Forristall Luke, president and CEO of USTMA. “National Tire Safety Week continues to educate drivers on the critical role they play in maintaining tire safety and ensures they have all they need to successfully prioritize safety on and off the road.”

USTMA member companies have also been leaders in safety through innovation, investing billions of dollars and countless hours engineering safe, sustainable tires. Today’s tires grip the road better, are more fuel efficient and last longer. New designs and materials have enabled continual improvements and breakthroughs like run-flat tires, which function as far as 50 miles after a puncture.

The group is also taking aim at a less well understood risk to consumers – unsafe used tires. Once a tire has been mounted on a rim and installed on a vehicle, it’s considered a used tire. While new tires must meet stringent federal safety standards to be sold in the U.S., worn tires can be resold as used with virtually no restrictions in most states. USTMA recommends that a qualified tire service professional inspect a used tire for damage before it is installed on another vehicle to make sure it is ready for the road.

U.S. tire manufacturers recommend drivers check their tire pressure monthly, regularly check their tire tread depth and ensure their tires are rotated and properly aligned. Proper maintenance and periodic inspections by a tire professional are essential for optimum performance and service life of tires.

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