Trelleborg introduces new compound for material handling tires

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Trelleborg launches ProTex, a unique revolutionary compound for material handling tires, which combines a non marking feature with full electrical conductivity capabilities. The new solution, fully compliant with the stringent EN 1775 regulation, will upgrade safety standards for material handling operations, protecting operators against the risks related to static electricity.

Trelleborg is the first manufacture to offer a fully non-marking resilient tire produced from an anti-static compound. The solution will be shown at the upcoming CeMat exhibition on a premium resilient Trelleborg tire that will be part of an electric circuit that will power an LED light. Show visitors will be invited on stand to carry out an experiment to prove the electrical conductivity property of the tire compound.

Gianluca Abbati, Director R&D Material Handling and Construction at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, said: “The intensity of material handling applications operating in potentially explosive environments is a key challenge. Being in control of this maintains the safety of both machine and its operator, as well as ensuring material handling operations runs smoothly.

“What makes the ProTex compound really special and unique is the fact it is 100% anti-static due to its unique polymer recipe. Static electricity is continuously released at any point of contact between the tire and the ground while at the same time eliminating risk of marking. Our designers took into consideration the high intensity of forklifts jobs and created a solution that is EN1775 compliant.

“We are extremely proud to show our customers and partners the ProTex innovation, one that we have been working on for years, at CeMat 2018. Providing an effective, plug-and-play solution, it can effectively upgrade the safety of material handling applications where non-marking is a critical requirement.”

The ProTex compound is compliant with the stringent EN 1775 regulation and will gradually be available on premium Trelleborg non-marking material handling tires that will also feature Pit Stop Line. Initially the ProTex innovation will be introduced on resilient tires, the most popular type of material handling tire in Europe. The option will however be extended across the whole Trelleborg material handling tire range in the future.

ProTex will be on display at CeMAT 2018, April 23 to 27 in Hannover, Germany

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