Trac’s got your back with these nifty tire-lifting devices

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Changing tires can be backbreaking work and anything we can do to lower the risk of workplace injury to ourselves or our teams has to be a good thing.

Fortunately, Colorado company Trac has got your back. Literally.

Among the new product launches in the virtual Tire Expo at this year’s SEMA360 is the Trac Jack.

It’s an extraordinarily simple tool, designed to make removing or installing a tire as effortless as possible in situations when a tire is close to the ground. It just slides under the tire.

The jack has a heavy-duty welded steel construction and couldn’t be easier to use. See it in action (twice) in this (14-second long) promotional video.

The jack is the invention of Denver repair shop owner Kevin Robinson, who won a best new product award at last year’s SEMA Show with his Tire Rotation Assistance Cart (that’s where TRAC comes from).

The cart is also designed to save you and your technicians backbreak by supporting tires and wheel assemblies and allowing you to raise or lower them into position hydraulically.

See it in action here:

Find out more about both tools here.

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