Tire buying doesn’t have to take a huge bite out of your wallet

Cooper Tires, the flagship brand of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, is a proud first-time sponsor of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. In the spirit of celebrating these magnificent creatures, the American-based tire company wants consumers to know that buying new tires does not have to take an unnecessarily big bite out of their wallets if they shop smart, which means focusing on value.

“Cooper is a brand known for value dating back to 1926 when Ira J. Cooper developed the ‘Cooper Creed’ to provide ‘good merchandise, fair play, and a square deal,’ and that’s still our commitment today,” said Mohit Jain, Vice President – Retail Sales, for Cooper Tire. “We don’t want drivers to spend too much or too little on their tires, especially in today’s economy when every penny counts more than ever. Buyers will always need reliable tires with great performance and safety, and Cooper has tips on shopping for value to help build the confidence of drivers as they navigate the seemingly choppy waters of tire buying.”

A deep dive into value shopping for tires

1. Identify the correct tire size. Start by making sure you’re getting the right size. There are over 500 species of sharks, and just as they come in different types and sizes, so do vehicles and tires. There are tires sized for passenger cars, minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks. You can find the right tire size for your vehicle by consulting the information placard on the driver’s side doorjamb, glove box or fuel door. Cooper’s online tool makes this process even easier.

2. Determine your needs based on weather. While some scientists believe that weather conditions, like a sea breeze, can influence shark behavior, it’s a sure thing that the weather conditions where you live and drive will help determine what tires you need. If you live in an area that sees all four seasons, and the winter snowfall is light, all-season tires might be a great option for you. However, all-season tires are not winter tires. If you routinely experience extreme cold temperatures and/or significant snowfall, consider winter tires.

3. Think about your driving style. Sharks have survived for millions of years because they have adapted to their surroundings. For tire buying, your surroundings are important too. How and where you typically drive is a critical factor in making sure you’re getting the right features in your tires—not too many features and not too few for your real-life needs. If you have a long commute or take a lot of road trips, you’ll want to consider the tires’ expected mileage, ride comfort, fuel efficiency and road noise. If you frequently drive in heavy rains, you may want to pay close attention to the braking distance of the tires. And, for off-road driving, all-terrain tires or dedicated off-road tires might be good options.

4. Learn more about your closest retailer. Sharks are smart, and you can learn from their savvy. Before visiting a local retailer, ask if services such as routine tire rotations are included in the quoted price. And remember, if the tires you selected are not immediately available, you can have the tires ordered. Cooper has certified retailers that can be found using our Find a Retailer tool.

5. Maintain your new tires. While sharks can endlessly replace missing teeth, it’s not the same story with your tires. Maintaining and regularly inspecting your tires is a critical component of making sure you get the longest, safest life out of them. This is key to value shopping and includes basics like checking to be sure that your tires are not over- or under-inflated, ensuring the alignment is correct, that your tires have enough tread depth for proper traction, and rotating your tires as recommended.

“With these helpful tips from Cooper, drivers can be confident they are selecting the best value tire, which means the highest quality at the best price,” Jain said. “Tire buying can sometimes feel as intimidating as swimming with a school of sharks, but by learning how to shop smart, you can avoid getting swallowed up in too much hype and stick to value as your lighthouse.”

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