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TIA to discuss key issues of tire industry in Washington D.C. on June 20

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) will meet with representatives in Washington DC on Wednesday, June 20th to discuss several issues currently impacting the tire and automotive industry.

The day will begin with TIA and fellow supporters visiting the US Department of Transportation (DOT) headquarters at 10:00am to discuss infrastructure and de-regulation. All congressional meetings will be held on Capitol Hill that will include topics pertaining to; estate tax, infrastructure funding, online sales, health care, LIFO repeal, tariffs, work opportunity tax credit (WOTC), lawsuit abuse, retroactive liability provisions superfund, scrap tires and used oil, national energy bill, urge strong enforcement of the magnuson – moss warranty act, halt the activist NLRB’s efforts to ease unionization of businesses, the motor vehicle owner’s right to repair act, comp time, RPM act, and more.

“We have seen some significant changes in the tire and automotive industry that will impact and continue to impact our members and supporters nationwide,” said Roy Littlefield, executive vice president of the Tire Industry Association. “As a leader in tire safety and education, is it important that TIA stays involved in making sure these areas are addressed and represented locally and nationally.”

TIA’s Federal Lobby Day gives you a unique opportunity to meet face to face with Senators, Congressmen, administration officials, and congressional staffers to discuss issues of concern to you. There will be no fee for any Washington D.C./Capitol Hill function that day. To register and receive the full schedule: TIA’s Federal Lobby Registration Form and Schedule.

For questions about TIA’s Federal Lobby Day please contact: Roy Littlefield IV | | 301.430.7280 x 137.

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