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TIA to develop new OTR Tire and Wheel Weight Chart

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) announced the development of an Earthmover Tire and Wheel Weight Chart that will be released in the first quarter of 2019. The chart lists the average physical weight for more than 150 earthmover and industrial forklift tires as well as the average weight of more than 150 rim and wheel assemblies, including independent components. This comprehensive reference guide will provide technicians with the information they need to safely service the largest tire and rim assemblies anywhere.

“The Earthmover Weight Chart has been a major project for the training department this year and we are excited to announce that we will provide the industry with this valuable resource in early 2019,” said Dr. Roy Littlefield, CEO for TIA. “Since our mission is to improve tire safety thru training and education, we plan to make it available free of charge in an electronic format on our website. This will allow the industry to share it as much as possible so everyone who handles these large tires and rims understands how much they weigh.”

In order to determine the average weight for each different size and designation, TIA used more than 2,500 points of data from multiple tire and rim manufacturers. For the tire section, each tire size and designation includes the low and high weights in addition to the average. With this information in hand, technicians can make better decisions regarding the maximum load for chain slings and hydraulic cranes. The wheel section provides the average weight for each individual component (rim base, side ring, etc.) as well as the average weight for the entire rim/wheel assembly.

“We’ve been teaching the importance of following the load limits for chain slings and hydraulic cranes for years, but the technicians were forced to guess when it came to the actual amount of weight,” said Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training for TIA. “The Earthmover Tire and Rim Weight Chart will be the most comprehensive reference guide for everyone handling OTR and large industrial tires.”

TIA plans to release the Earthmover Tire and Rim Weight Chart in conjunction with the association’s annual Off-the-Road Tire Conference next year from February 20-23, 2019 at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

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