TIA Tire Safety Videos hit more than a million Youtube views

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) announced that its consumer education videos have collectively reached more than 1 million views on the association’s YouTube channel, “Tire Safety Starts Here.”

Introduced in 2013, the “Tire Safety Starts with ___” series of videos are designed to educate motorists on the proper maintenance guidelines for passenger and light truck tires and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). TIA’s first consumer education video, “Tire Safety Starts with Proper Tire Repair,” featured revolutionary footage of the inside of an inflated tire and has received 891,000 views on YouTube.

“While TIA is known as the industry leader for technician training and education, the board of directors set aside resources years ago to produce some videos for consumers,” said Dan Nothdurft, TIA president. “Since then, we completed the series and are proud of the fact that they have reached more than 1 million views on our YouTube channel.”

The “Tire Safety Starts with ___” videos are five to six minutes in length and cover a range of topics including tire repair, winter tires, tire inflation, tire selection, tire registration, tire inspection, TPMS and installing a spare.

“Anyone can link to them at no charge on their websites or social media platforms,” Nothdurft said. “Consumers need information on all the different areas of tire and tire-related maintenance, and these videos are designed to support the procedures and guidelines established by TIA’s Automotive Tire Service (ATS) program.”

All the replacement guidelines, service procedures and maintenance tips in the consumer education videos are consistent with the ATS program, said Kevin Rohlwing, TIA senior vice president of training. Consumers who decide to educate themselves will recognize when a tire retailer is following the best practices in the industry and appreciate the fact that they are making safety the top priority.

“An educated consumer is the best customer for a TIA member that follows our ATS training program,” he said.

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