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TIA releases new Tire Safety video for National Tire Safety Week

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) released a new Tire Safety Starts with Inflation video to celebrate National Tire Safety Week. Tire Safety starts with Inflation is another installment in a series of consumer education videos that have addressed subjects like tire repair, winter tires, TPMS, inspection, tire selection, tire registration, and installing the spare tire. Since the debut back in 2013, these videos have received more than 770,000 views on YouTube.

Tire Safety Starts with Inflation explains the importance of proper tire inflation and the potential consequences of underinflation and overloading. The video stresses the need for regular inflation pressure maintenance and using the inflation pressure listed on the vehicle’s tire placard rather than the pressure molded on the sidewall. Tire Safety Starts with Inflation also includes animation that shows what happens inside the tire structure when sidewalls experience over-flexing and create dangerous levels of internal heat that ultimately break down the bonds between components resulting in a separation.

“We are excited about adding Tire Safety Starts with Inflation to our slate of consumer education videos,” said Kevin Rohlwing, TIA Senior Vice President of Training. “As we approach the summer months, proper tire inflation pressure has a direct effect on the safety and performance of every pneumatic tire. By following the simple steps and guidelines outlined in the video, motorists can help protect themselves from a blow-out while increasing the life of their tires.”

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