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TIA releases new OTR Tire and Rim Weight Charts at OTR Conference

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) released the OTR Tire and Rim Weight Charts at the recently held Off-the-Road Tire Conference at Saddlebrook Resort and Spa in Tampa, Florida.

The Charts include the average and maximum weights for more than 500 bias and radial tires as well as the average and maximum weights for over 100 different rims and wheels. TIA debuted the Charts during a live Earthmover Tire Service (ETS) training demonstration to show how technicians can use them in the field to determine safe tire handling procedures.

“We are excited to provide this new safety resource for the OTR tire service industry and will make the Charts available to the industry at no charge,” said John Evankovich, TIA President. “Part of our mission is to improve tire safety through training and education, so resources like these should be available to every OTR tire technician. The Board of Directors unanimously agreed that these charts should be downloaded, duplicated, and disseminated as quickly as possible because the weight of OTR tires and rims create a safety hazard that must be addressed immediately.”

TIA collected data from multiple tire/wheel manufacturers and used thousands of data points to determine the average and maximum weights. The OTR Tire and Rim Weight Chart includes the maximum assembly weight so technicians can determine the approximate weight for the tire with and without the rim. The OTR Rim and Wheel Weight Chart also includes the average and maximum weights for rim components. On larger assemblies, the individual rim components can weigh 100 pounds or more, which creates additional risk for the technician when they don’t know how much it weighs. All of the weights are list in pounds and kilograms so they have global appeal.

“This project is another example of why TIA is the leader in tire technician training and certification,” said Kevin Rohlwing, TIA Senior Vice President of Training. “The OTR Tire and Rim Weight Chart provides technicians with the information they need to make sure the articulating cranes, manipulators and chains are capable of safely handling the load of the tire or the tire and rim assembly. The OTR Rim and Wheel Chart includes the total weight of the rim/wheel as well as the individual component weights so technicians can make better decisions when handling rims and rim parts. We are confident these resources will result in improved workplace safety in the global OTR tire industry.”

The Charts can also be accessed at the following links:

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