This is what to do while your tires are being changed

It is an inevitability that you will find yourself in need of a tire change at one point or another. Whether it is an unfortunate puncture or a routine fitment, we all have to visit a garage for a tire change during our motoring lives.

However, although getting new tires fitted is far from the longest mechanical process, it can take a while to get all four tires changed. Therefore, you might find yourself at a loose end, kicking your heels and trying to stay out of the way of the tire fitters.

This can be a pain, which is why it is best to keep yourself busy with other activities while your tires are being fitted for you.

This is what to do while your tires are being changed:

Play games on your phone

If you want to inject fun into an otherwise dull experience, then finding an exciting game to play on your phone could be the perfect way of keeping yourself busy while your tires are being changed.

There are countless games you can choose from, ranging from logic-based brain trainers to pure escapism in the form of RPGs.

Another game worth knowing about is online casino games, such as those on the lucky nugget. Again, there are many different games to choose from, and they can usually be played relatively quickly, allowing them to fit into a narrow time scale like your tire change.

If you’ve missed an appointment, call to rearrange

When you have one or more of your tires changed, then chances are it was a puncture. If this is the case, then you may well find your schedule seriously disrupted for the rest of the day or even the week.

One of the best uses of your time when you’re waiting for your new tires to be fitted is to call anyone who may be impacted by your delay. Whether it is your receptionist, a client you were supposed to meet later in the day, a family commitment, or a date, use this time to rearrange and make amends with the people you need to.

Make the best of the situation

Having your tires changed is not always the result of a puncture, but it is always an expensive inconvenience, so consider using the time productively by focusing on work tasks. For example, while you probably won’t have the time or space to take out your laptop, you can still reflect on tasks you need to complete back at the office or take business calls you were putting off until later.

The potentially wasted time caused by a tire change can be turned into an opportunity when you use it to complete tasks that would waste your time back at the office.

Make sure the rest of your car is roadworthy

Of course, having your car up on jacks in a garage is a perfect opportunity to ensure that the rest of the car is roadworthy. If you picked up a puncture, then there could be a chance that you have damage elsewhere on the car. This is especially true if you drove for miles on a severely deflated tire unwittingly.

Ask the tire fitter’s permission to check under your wheel arches (if it is safe to do so), and make sure there is no outstanding damage to your car before you set off again.

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