Prometeon launches new generation of Pirelli-branded H:01 Coach Tires


Prometeon is launching a new generation of H:01 Coach Tires to equip buses on regional and motorway routes.

The new generation Coach tires was conceived by Prometeon’s R&D team, using the company’s latest technological innovations, with a view to maximizing safety, performance, versatility, efficiency and comfort.

The aim is to satisfy the needs of operators in the sector while keeping pace with the evolution of vehicles (hybrid and electric) which must comply with the most stringent regulations in
terms of CO2 emissions reduction and noise generation.

“The H:01TM Coach tyres are the result of a constant research and development of solutions that allow us to reach important improvements in specific performances, while maintaining high levels in already consolidated ones. We constantly invest in innovations that enrich the technological package of the 01TM Series, through new patents,” commented Alexandre Bregantim, Prometeon’s Chief Technical Officer.

All the new generation tires are marked 3PMSF and suitable for use in winter conditions. The new line includes: FH:01 Coach, specialized to equip steering and all-around axles, and TH:01 Coach dedicated to equipping drive axles when additional traction and grip performance is required in more critical winter conditions. The tread design and the special geometry of the grooves
(Prometeon patent) and sipes allow TH:01 Coach to maintain optimal traction and wet grip performance during the entire life of the product.

The introduction of new full-depth sipes in the FH:01 tread yields an improvement in traction on snow up to 10%.

The new H:01 Coach also contributes to greater efficiency, thanks to a reduction of up to 10% in Rolling Resistance, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption. TH:01 is positioned as the best in class of the energy efficiency class B. The optimization of the tread profile also delivers an increase up to 10% in mileage.

H:01 Coach ranks among the best-in-class on the market for EU B-class wet grip class, which is a guarantee of optimal braking performance in case of rain.

The reduction of noise generation together with the progressive response and optimization of the tread design mean greater comfort for both driver and passengers. The FH:01 Coach range includes size 295/80R22.5 with a load index 156/149M and 315/80R22.5 158/150L. They are the first on the market with such extra load capacities, with an increase in the capacity of the front axle respectively to 8.0 and 8.5 t, in line with the needs of Original Equipment for next-generation electric and hybrid vehicles.

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