Pirelli P Zero tops tire test conducted by German Magazine Auto Bild

© Pirelli

Pirelli flagship tire, P Zero has topped a tire test organized by respected German Magazine Auto Bild, which carried out a comparative test of 11 tires for its Auto Bild Sportscars publication.

The size chosen by the German journalists to test was 245/45 R18, the fitment from which Pirelli identifies top of the range equipment. The car used for the German test was the BMW 530d: a sports saloon that can put out 265 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque.

There was a series of objective tests involving handling, a steering pad, wet and dry braking, rolling resistance, noise, and aquaplaning. In the categories where safety was a priority, the new P Zero was judged to be the best of the lot. It received the highest score in the steering pad tests and in both wet and dry braking. These tests all assess how much safety the tires can offer the driver. In terms of sports performance, the Pirelli P Zero was also the best tire when it came to handling – both in the wet and the dry – in an exacting test that was measured by lap times against the clock.

The magazine’s final verdict reported: “The test winner had no weak points. Excellent handling both in the wet and the dry, very good balance, precise response from the steering with exemplary feedback, reduced braking distances both in the wet and the dry, and a good margin of safety in terms of aquaplaning.”

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