Omni United launches new Patriot value brand

Omni United’s new Patriot RB-1. © Omni United

Omni United launches new Patriot value brand

Omni United has launched a new value brand called Patriot, with the first passenger car tire, the Patriot RB-1, ready for sale now.

The Patriot RB-1 comes in 14 sizes and Omni United said it believed the tire was “the perfect combination of Radar brand quality and a budget-pleasing price tag.”

Omni United says the Patriot tire is “built for year-round handling, stability and a comfortable ride.” It’s designed for the value-conscious driver who is looking for an affordable, yet quality product for compact and midsize passenger cars.


The Patriot brand is manufactured in Thailand.

“The modern, asymmetric tread pattern helps provide all-round performance and even treadwear , whereas the lightweight construction reduces rolling resistance and ensures crisp handling. Patriot tires are designed with wide circumferential grooves for enhanced resistance to hydroplaning.”

Company founder and chief executive GS Sareen said: “This new brand is targeted at customers who want a tire that is reliable, stylish and affordable.”

He said this all-season line offers good mileage, a quiet ride and good grip in all weather conditions.

The Patriot brand is manufactured in Thailand.

For more information on the Patriot RB-1, email or visit the Omni United website.


The Patriot RB-1’s tread pattern.

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