Nexen Tire adds Roadian Mud Terrain Xtreme tire to its portfolio

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Nexen Tire announced the launch of the Roadian MTX (Mud Terrain Xtreme), a versatile mud-terrain tire that is suitable for both on-and off-road driving. This tire has been enhanced to maximize load and towing capabilities without sacrificing any of the ruggedness or on-highway driving comfort that is expected from the Roadian line of tires.

The Roadian MTX offers distinctively designed “dual sidewalls,” or two different sidewall designs for each tire: Machine and Beast. The two options offer customers the freedom to choose their look based on preference and vehicle type. The Machine features a more traditional profile while Beast has a more aggressive look with sidewall traction bars.

The tire is also equipped with patented noise canceling technology, which provides quiet performance on highway terrain. Off-road tires are often noisy on regular roads, including highways, but the MTX has been strategically designed to avoid repetitive tread block contact during the drive. The optimized block positions create a significant reduction in tire noise.

The Roadian MTX provides 3-ply carcass, or three layers of sidewall protection, specifically designed to give more stability and durability when hauling heavy loads. The tire also provides a rim protector bar for rims that are 20 inches and larger, which keeps the rims safe from curb rub and rock abrasion.

“We are extremely pleased to offer our latest addition to the Roadian line, especially given the increase of off-road enthusiasts, which is considered the largest-growing segment in the auto industry,” said Kyle Roberts, Senior Director of Marketing at Nexen Tire North America. “Roadian MTX provides our customers with options for customization, as well as for enhanced off-road capabilities and quieter performance on highway.”

Nexen Tire is planning to develop a total of 35 sizes for the Roadian MTX, which was initially showcased last October at the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas. The Roadian MTX will be first launched in the U.S. in November, and will be sold in many other countries around the world from next year.

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