New survey reveals majority of Americans know how to change a tire

A recent survey conducted by Cooper Tires found that the majority of Americans say they can change a tire. With younger generations, especially millennials, buying fewer cars than older generations, the prevalence of basic car skills and the ability to handle road mishaps, such as a flat tire, might appear to be waning. However, Cooper found that almost three-fourths of Americans say they are confident they know how to change a tire.

“Our survey found that 81% of respondents have experienced a flat tire so, unfortunately, this is something that most drivers will face,” said Jessica Egerton, Director, Brand Development, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. “We want all drivers to be prepared for and armed with tire-change know-how and Cooper offers step-by-step instructions on installing a spare tire on your car to get you back on your way until you can reach a mechanic.”

In addition to better understanding Americans’ abilities when it comes to changing a tire, the survey also uncovered interesting links between habits, preferences, and tire change know-how.


Key findings include:

People who make (and keep) New Year’s resolutions know how to change a tire

  • 82% of respondents who make New Year’s resolutions know how to change a tire, compared to 67% who don’t make resolutions.
  • Respondents who “always” or “sometimes” keep their resolutions are very likely to know how to change a tire (92% and 83%, respectively), while those who never keep their resolutions fall back to 72% – roughly the same number as those who don’t make resolutions at all.

There’s no generation gap (or so people say)

Somewhat surprisingly, younger Americans (millennials and Generation Xers) are more likely to say they know how to change a tire than older Americans. 78% of Gen Xers and 77% of millennials say they can change a tire, compared to 71% of baby boomers, 70% of Gen Z, and 67% of the Silent & Greatest Generations.

Right-handed or left-handed? No difference here

74% of both righties and lefties say they know how to change a tire – no other subgroup produced a tie.

Hot beverage drinkers are tire-change savvy

Coffee drinkers (75%) are more apt at changing tires than tea drinkers (70%), but people who like both are the best tire-changers of the bunch (79%).

Read the full list of findings here.

A step-by-step guide from Cooper explaining how to change a tire is available here.

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