Monro is using tech to enhance customer experience

Monro is using Cognistx technology to enhance customer experience. | Image Credit: Cognistx

Monro is using tech to enhance customer experience

Auto care company Monro Muffler and Brake is harnessing the latest technology to enhance its customers’ experiences, interactions and loyalty.

So what’s the tech?

The national automotive under-car repair and tire service company has partnered with relatively new start-up Cognistx, which has created an app that will enable Monro to send reminders to customers about oil changes or car services and present them with timely special offers tailored to them.

Cognistx, which helps create “intelligent customer experience,” calls its platform a “statistical machine learning.” It uses data to connect the dots, learning an individual’s preferences and behaviors, figuring out the most appropriate options for them and then delivering a customized recommendation or offer via mobile.

Why is it needed?

Cognistx chief executive Sanjay Chopra said many companies were struggling to keep up as consumers continue to migrate towards using mobile devices for a host of daily tasks and interactions.

“Today, organizations are playing catch-up, working harder to be more relevant and valued in a time when many consumers have checked out,” Chopra said.

“Few retailers do a good job of marrying technology with a customized customer experience that is tailored to their behaviors and timed according to how they might use a retailer’s offer.

“Imagine getting an alert indicating that your truck is in need of an oil change and you’re within driving distance of a Monro store. In addition to the alert, you would receive a special offer, relevant to the service you need, based on your level of loyalty to their business. You would also receive assistance in scheduling your appointment and directions to help you get there.”

Monro becomes the first automotive company to use this new tech

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Monro has 1,025 company-operated stores in 25 states and provides customers with maintenance and repair services, quality replacement parts, and affordable name-brand tires.

The company is the first in the automotive industry to work with Cognistx and its SmartCognitives-branded platform of machine-learning algorithms to provide a more efficient, personalized and valuable mobile experience to its customers.

“Our customers come to us for quality auto repair services, name-brand tires and superior maintenance,” said Monro senior vice president of marketing Tom Tracy.

“We’re going to be able to help our customers be better informed about their vehicles, remind them of when they need service or repairs, and be able to customize valuable offers specifically for their unique needs to help them save time and money, thanks to this leading-edge technology.”

How does it work?

Cognistx says its cognitive algorithms are unique in the retail marketplace because they become increasingly more prescriptive and accurate with every consumer interaction. That, in turn, helps companies like Monro better engage and interact in near-real time with their customers and learn how to design and electronically deliver offers that capture their attention through personalization and relevance.

Chopra said SmartCognitives allows dealers to give their customers exactly the right content at exactly the right time to spur them into action.

“Whether it’s customized offers, individual sales or product information, customers see that their favorite retailers are finally paying attention and serving up meaningful content that suits them as individuals,” he said.

“This is the perfect application for Monro and we’re glad to be their partner to change the automotive service industry for the better.”

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