MOMO Tires launches new winter performance tire line-up

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MOMO Tires has brought their Italian ingenuity to the high performance tire category with the launch of their new winter Performance tire lineup. The company’s new winter tire range has four unique and distinctive tread patterns that cover most passenger and light truck vehicles.

“We’re excited to expand our MOMO Tires product offerings, stated Gianluca Grioni, General Manager for MOMO Tires, the Winter Tire expansion will allow us the opportunity to reach new markets in North America, and better equip our dealers.”

Engineered in Italy, and developed for optimal traction and excellent handling in winter and wet weather. Specially formulated, silica-enriched polymer allows the tire compound to remain pliable, under the harshest conditions, while unique tread pattern designs, integrates 3D Blades for superior handling performance.

Product coverage include the North Pole W1, for compact and passenger cars, and the North Pole W2, for sportier and larger vehicles. The Van Pole W3 is designed for light duty trucks and cargo vans, while the SUV POLE W4 is perfect for your truck and SUV. All MOMO Winter Tires have earned the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, rated for severe snow conditions. Available in over 100 popular sizes, and OEM fitments.


MOMO TIRES is open to opportunities and new partnerships. Please inquire directly with Gianluca Grioni, at

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