Michelin to highlight commitment to sustainable mobility at NAIAS

© Michelin

Michelin will highlight its commitment to sustainable mobility with a focus on the safety, financial and environmental benefits of worn tire performance at the 30th North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Scott Clark, Chairman and President of Michelin North America will introduce the company’s global initiative to improve understanding among dealers, drivers and others about worn tire performance. Currently, the industry standard is to test performances (especially braking distances) only for new tires. However, those attributes change as tires wear over time and some worn tires deliver braking performance that’s about the same or better than other new tires. Michelin supports testing of worn tires for wet-braking performance to make this insight about “long-lasting performance” more visible to consumers.


Appearing for the first time in North America, Michelin will preview the Maxion Flexible Wheel assembly with Michelin Acorus technology. Michelin’s Acorus technology reinvents the wheel, helping to eliminate costly damage from potholes and road debris to tires and rims in larger sizes on high-performance or luxury passenger vehicles. The patented new technology was developed in collaboration with Maxion Wheels, the largest global wheel manufacturer.

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