Michelin CrossClimate 2 tire is now available in 15 new sizes

The Michelin CrossClimate2 tire is now available in sizes that cover most of North America’s most popular cars and crossovers.

The CrossClimate2 launched in 2020 and brought a combination of performance and safety attributes that have never been seen in a passenger or crossover tire in North America. The tire was initially available in 25 sizes, then 30 additional sizes were launched in early 2021. With the phase three launch, the tire is now available in 70 sizes, making Michelin’s biggest passenger tire innovation in 20 years available to a large segment of North American drivers.

The CrossClimate2 has been lauded for being the first passenger tire in the all-season category to deliver multiple performance attributes without compromise. Competitors in the all-season tire category typically deliver one or two performance areas well but must make sacrifices in other areas that are important to drivers. The CrossClimate2 delivers them all – wet stopping, longevity, dry grip and snow performance.

The CrossClimate2 has a distinct V-formation tread pattern. This tread pattern works together with the tire’s revolutionary rubber compound to redefine the “all-season” category and bring drivers a tire that excels in more climate conditions than any competing product.

Wet performance – When Michelin engineers began developing the CrossClimate2, they knew they needed a tire that “grips to the last stop.” All tires begin wearing during their first drive. But not all tires offer outstanding stopping power as they wear. The CrossClimate2 does. In wet conditions, even when worn, the CrossClimate2 stopped shorter than leading competitive tires – up to 50 feet shorter when stopping from 50 mph.

Longer lasting – Road testing shows the CrossClimate2 wears better than leading competitors. Not by a little bit, by a lot — up to 15,000 extra miles. That’s up to an additional year of use. The CrossClimate2 includes a 60,000-mile warranty.

Dry grip – Stopping power matters in wet or dry conditions. The CrossClimate2 stops up to 16 feet shorter (more than one full car length) on dry pavement than four leading competitive tires.

Snow performance – Drivers in snowy climates can have confidence in the “3-peak mountain snowflake rating” given to the CrossClimate2. This severe snow capability delivers up to 31% better snow traction when worn than four leading all-season worn competitive tires.

Noise – Michelin used PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning to design a tread with blocks and angles that cancel out “harmonic” road noise and create ideal amplitude for the contact patch, creating a quieter ride.

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