Michelin 2019 Movin’On Summit: Moving from ambition to action

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The third edition of the Michelin Movin’On Summit on sustainable mobility, highlighted moving from ambition to action. From June 4 to 6, 2019, the 2019 Movin’On Summit hosted about 5,000 visionaries from 44 countries in Montreal, Canada.

Under the banner theme of Solutions for Multimodal Ecosystems, an environment of leaders from academia, politics, cities and business were guided in exploring new and actionable solutions to the global challenges defining the future of mobility. Gathering over 150 partners, the Movin’On Summit strengthens its position as a catalyst and mobilizer for sustainable mobility.

During the 2019 edition’s closing ceremony, Luis Alfonso De Alba, United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 Special Envoy, and Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group, agreed that the Movin’On Summit’s ecosystem must contribute by helping the UN move from ambition to action regarding mobility’s impact on climate.

Over two and a half days, participants were inspired by 95 speakers and collaborated together through 42 working sessions. Edition by edition, the Movin’On Summit has evolved from encouraging dialogue, to making real commitments and taking firm action toward sustainable mobility.


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Actionable solutions emerging at Movin’On Summit

Proving that ambition can move to action, the ecosystem was mobilized to improve our future through some key highlights, which include:

● Accenture’s Frugal Mobility Solutions for a Sustainable Future, launched at the 2018 edition of the Movin’On Summit, has grown to include a Frugal Mobility Observatory and Index that has been tested in over 25 cities. In 2019, this index, coupled with a toolbox, resulted in recommendations for frugal innovation in five cities: Amravati, Angkor, Lyon, Rennes and Versailles.

● Growing from a consultation method from the Movin’On Summit 2018, the 2019 working session of the startup LaVilleE+ saw Lyon, Angkor and Niamey leave the Summit with a concrete action plan to solve their mobility problems.

● Exploring the challenges of planned obsolescence and resources efficiency since 2017 and then identifying problems in 2018, Michelin and UNECE left the 2019 edition with firm action planned. The community is currently writing a white paper on how to solve these problems.

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