Maxam releases the new MS412 Mining Haulage tire

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Maxam Tire announced it has released the all-new MS412 27.00R49 Mining Haulage tire for open pit mining applications.

Designed to meet the demanding conditions in mine sites globally, the MS412 is the result of cutting-edge engineering and groundbreaking compounding technology.

The MS412 features a high net-to-gross tread pattern that provides extremely low wear rates that drastically increase tire life. MAXAM’s engineers have also strategically placed stone ejectors to provide maximum protection from stone drilling, which leads to the cause of premature tire removal and out of service conditions. Engineered with tread grooves that allow for exceptional traction and heat dissipation, the MS412 delivers excellent traction in a variety of haul roads conditions. To enable high speed operation with minimum heat build-up, MAXAM has optimized the MS412’s base compound to help maximize productivity for mining operations globally.

Featuring a strong all-steel casing to reduce cuts and punctures, the all-new MS412 is engineered with increased casing durability to dominate severe hauling conditions. As an innovative group, with years of expertise in the mining industry, MAXAM’s engineering team has designed the MS412 with a high lug-to-void ratio for improved wear and impact protection, providing mine sites increased protection and wear on haulage tires. Similar to all large mining haulage tires in MAXAM’s program, the MS412 has deep tread grooves to provide cooler running tread and longer tire life.

Delivering a premium E4 haulage tire to the industry, the MAXAM MS412 provides exceptional performance, minimum cost-per-hour and a high net-to-gross pattern for maximum tread wear. The MS412 is available in one size as noted in the below chart. Available in multiple tread compounds, including the ultra-cut resistant compound, recently released and innovated by MAXAM’s engineering and R&D team, the MS412 is a rugged solution that maximizes the haulage truck’s resilience in the toughest mining environment.

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