How good is it?: Federal Couragia M/T Tire Review

Couragia is Federal’s SUV tire line. | © Federal

The Couragia M/T is Federal Tire’s top seller in the off-road tire market. Traction News took a close look at the Federal Couragia M/T recently to give you the information you need.

Fitment and sizing information

The Federal Couragia M/T can be found on almost anything that can be found in the mud. Ford Rangers and Explorers, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Dodge Rams and Durangos, and Cadillac Escalades are just some examples of what you’ll see it on. It is available in 28 sizes for wheels from 15 to 24 inches.

• LT275/65R18 BSW, both eight and ten ply versions available
• LT265/70R17OWL ten plies
• LT285/70R17 OWL eight plies
• LT235/75R15 OWL six plies
• LT265 & 285/75R16 OWL eight plies
• LT 225 – LT315/75R6 OWL 10 plies
• LT205/80R16 OWL eight plies
• LT235/85R16 OBL 10 plies
• 30 – 35 X12.50R15 OWL six plies (35X12.50R15 is BSW)
• 35 & 37X12.50R17 10 plies (35 is OWL and 37 is BSW)
• 35 & 37X12.50R18 BSW ten plies
• 33 – 37X12.50R20 BSW 10 plies
• 40X15.50R20 BSW eight plies
• 40X15.50R22 BSW eight plies
• 40X15.50R24 BSW ten plies

What Federal says about the Couragia M/T


Tread shot of the Couragia

Federal calls the Couragia M/T their “ultimate off-road tire.” It has rugged off-road performance with the looks to match and gives unprecedented traction, grip, and strength. They claim that the tread pattern is engineered to clear foreign substances to ensure constant performance. Its aggressive block and shoulder lug offer awesome traction on dirt, rock, mud and gravel. The tire has a Sloped Radius Gradient (SRG) block design that helps keep the blocks stiff and enhances traction. Finally, they say that it is “designed to conquer the impossible.”

Uniform government grading and customer reviews

The Couragia M/T receives “A” grades in Uniform Tire Quality Grading for both temperature resistance and traction. However, it only receives a grade of 420 for treadwear. Online reviews state that buyers should expect about 50-65,000 miles of treadwear.


Couragia M/T in profile.

Opinion on the Couragia is mixed. Feedback on online review forums show most people love the tread design and the mud traction it delivers. However, their views about road noise aren’t always so positive, with many saying the open tread design causes an excessive amount of road noise, while others say that the road noise is to be expected from a quality off-road tire.

Industry insider says Couragia M/T practically sells itself

An industry insider from told us that the Couragia M/T is “extremely popular overall.” He says the tire is one of the best-selling tier two mud-terrain tires out there because it’s well-priced and looks great. For the enthusiast looking for a great tire at a great price, the Couragia M/T is an excellent choice.

The most popular sizes are 35X12.50R20 and 33X12.50R20. The most popular type of vehicle the Couragia is being installed on is any truck that’s been lifted. Texas, Oklahoma and the rest of the Midwest are where the Couragia is most popular. We’re also told that Federal is coming out with a new model that has an even more aggressive tread pattern for even better off-road traction.

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