Review of the Goodride TL STZC trailer tire

The Goodride TL STZC is a general use trailer tire that is available in ten sizes.

The TL STZC isn’t marketed with any particular type of trailer in mind; it’s a true general-purpose trailer tire.

Goodride competes well with more expensive trailer tires

Our industry insider said his company has had very good success selling the Goodride TL STZC. He said it’s an extremely popular tire but that they have to stop selling it because import tariffs are putting it in a higher price range than it was meant to compete in. He said that the TL STZC gives a good, smooth ride and the tire has low rolling resistance so it should get better treadwear and gas mileage than some of the competition. The tire is aimed at anyone owning any kind of trailer (car trailer, horse trailer, toy hauler, or boat or Jet Ski trailer) looking for a high-quality trailer tire that saves money all around.


The Goodride TL STZC

Technical Information

As mentioned, there are ten sizes of TL STZC available. Wheel sizes range from 13-inch to 16-inch. Load ratings are C, D, and E, with LR C tires being six ply, LR D tires having eight plies, and ten plies in the LR E tires. The size distribution is as follows:
• Two 13-inch sizes: ST175/80R13 in LR C/ 6 Plies and ST185/80R13 in LR D with eight plies
• Two 14-inch sizes, both in LR C: ST205 & ST215/75R14
• Two LR C 15-inch tires: ST205 & ST225/75R15
• Two LR D 15-inch tires: ST205 & ST225/75R15
• One LR E 15-inch tire: ST225/75R15 with 10 plies
• ST225/80R16 in LR E and 10 plies

What Goodride says about the two tires

Goodride says: “Double steel belts for enhanced strength helping puncture resistance and vehicle towing stability” and that “long life and low rolling resistance compound to offer long original treadwear and promote fuel efficiency.”

Independent and Consumer Reviews

Reviews written by owners look good. Most admit that they haven’t had the tires very long, but all say that they are improvements over previous tires they’ve owned. Smoother and quieter rides are reported by most buyers.

For more on the Goodride TL STZC, including a full spec sheet, visit the product page on the Goodride website.

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