Falken Tires extends five-year guarantee on its full range of tires

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The guarantee introduced by Falken Tire in the summer of 2020 on its full range of tires is being continued next year too: since August 2020, Falken has been offering a five-year guarantee on its full range of products, which includes passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tires. The guarantee also includes Falken tires, which are mounted as original parts on a new vehicle. The statutory warranty remains unaffected by the Falken guarantee. Falken’s guarantee is not linked to the DOT date; the date the tire was sold is still important.

Since the beginning of the guarantee, a fixed sum has been granted to support the tire trade across Europe, which is intended to compensate dealers’ expenses in the event of a complaint. In addition, Falken has already complied with the increase in the complaints handling flat rate for Germany proposed by the Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. on 01/08/2021.

To make the complaint process easier and more customer-friendly, Falken will introduce a digital channel for submitting complaints in the first half of 2022. This will allow customers to register their complaints unbureaucratically, in a timely manner and thus more quickly.

“When we introduced our guarantee, it was already important to us that our dealers throughout Europe could process their complaints without economic losses. If we now make the process even easier with an online tool, it will also take less time for the dealer,” says Daniel Hupke, Technical Service & Quality Assurance Manager at Falken Tire Europe, regarding the innovations.

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