E-Solution Professionals to use AI to help tire wholesalers

E-Solution Professionals, the developer of the popular B2B software Tireweb, has launched a new division dedicated to AI research and development. The new division, Tirelabs, seeks to partner with academic and technology companies to develop software capable of automating business decisions for tire wholesalers.

“By utilizing data collection strategies within its existing products, artificial intelligence will be able to make real-time market decisions based on the change in inventory and pricing,” explained Kevin Marley, Managing Director of E-Solution Professionals.

Using machine learning, TireLabs AI will have the potential to see when a tire size is being searched for by customers without adequate stock levels and act accordingly. The development objective is to be able to look through tire orders and spot patterns that human observation often misses and manage stock levels accordingly.

Tirelabs will be able to work seamlessly with existing E-Solution Professionals products like Tireweb and Treadsearch. From the administration login of these products, administrators will be able to view recommendations and monitor and implement AI driven suggestions in real time.

Tirelabs is currently looking to develop partnerships with leading academics in the field. For more information, contact TireLabs.

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