ATD announce new senior leadership appointments

American Tire Distributors (ATD) announced a realignment of its senior leadership team in a move that both reflects the company’s evolution to date and accelerates the company’s ongoing transformation to becoming the most connected and insightful automotive solutions provider in the industry.

Over the past three years, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stuart Schuette has crafted a leadership team balanced by deep industry experience and diverse perspectives brought across industries. All are united by a single factor: ATD’s focus on the role of people, not just processes, in driving greater efficiency and better outcomes for its customers and manufacturer partners.

“In an industry that is undergoing transformation, the changes we are announcing today are designed to propel ATD forward and accelerate execution towards our strategy. We’re very proud of the team at ATD and the collective talent that has become unique for us in the industry,” said Schuette. “Our associates have been essential to sustaining ATD’s performance in the face of unprecedented industry change. Together with their teams, they have driven our strategy with excellence and passion.”

Owen Schiano Appointed Chief Operating Officer

Owen Schiano will take on the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer, taking on the leadership of both ATD’s U.S. field sales team and the company’s supply chain operations across North America. Melding these two functions is a natural next step in ATD’s transformation, designed to create further synergy between our sales and supply chain operations and to deliver ATD’s unparalleled customer experience and the broadest assortment of tires, wheels and shop supplies. Owen will continue overseeing ATD’s corporate, strategic, customer service and specialty sales teams, in addition to Tire Pros and supply chain operations.

Keith Calcagno Appointed Chief Merchant and Strategy Officer

Keith Calcagno will take on the newly created role of Chief Merchant and Strategy Officer. In this role, Keith will focus on merchandising and marketing in conjunction with our manufacturer partners to help their customers thrive. Additionally, Keith will continue overseeing the development of ATD’s transformation strategy and the company’s project management office, which is focused on driving efficiencies and speed-to-market for strategic initiatives for ATD customers and suppliers.

Ivy Chin Appointed Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Ivy Chin’s role as the Chief Digital and Technology Officer is expanding. In this role, Ivy will focus on unifying ATD’s technology and digital ecosystems, including the business-to-consumer platform. Ivy and her team will continue developing and activating the tools that enable ATD’s continued digitization to deliver an unsurpassed, digitally enabled associate and customer experience.

Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People and Communications Officer

Rebecca Sinclair will continue in her role as Chief People and Communications Officer, driving the People-First strategy and ATD’s culture and talent transformation. Rebecca will continue shaping ATD’s communication strategies, driving the internal and external brand narrative.

Bill Williams, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Bill Williams will continue in his role, overseeing the ongoing financial transformation of the company and its relationships with the investor and financial community. Bill also leads our strategic efforts around our Advanced Analytics transformation.

Gail Sharps Myers, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Gail Sharps Myers will continue in her role as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Gail brings a diverse and strategic background spanning corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate compliance.

George McClean, President – National Tire Distributors

George McClean will continue in his role as President of National Tire Distributors, continuing to lead ATD’s Canadian subsidiary.

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