Here’s the deal: Alliance Tire’s new warranty app

Here’s the deal: Alliance Tire’s new warranty app

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has launched a new website and a mobile app to make warranty submissions quicker and easier than ever. The company’s Warranty Wizard streamlines and simplifies the warranty submission process for dealers and customers who buy ATG’s Alliance, Galaxy and Primex brand off-the-road tires.

Speeding up the claims process

The biggest slowdown in the warranty process is getting the right information into the right hands, Alliance says. The Warranty Wizard speeds up the claims process by walking the dealer or customer through it step by step. All they have to do on their laptop or smartphone is enter some warranty data and information about the tire, identify the dealer, take a few pictures of the tire to upload and then press send.

Alliance says the app provides tire dealers with an easy-to-use tool to improve customer service in the field, allowing them to help their customers make a warranty call as “quick, painless and productive” as possible.

“We have a very low rate of warranty claims on our tires, as Alliance Tire Group’s world-class engineering and premium-quality manufacturing make for a durable and long- lasting tire,” said Alliance Tire Americas Marketing Programs and Communications manager Barry Clifford.

“But for the rare cases where an issue emerges that needs to be resolved, we are committed to handling it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our customers don’t have time for downtime, which helps get our dealers and their customers back to work with a minimum of disruption. They need to be farming, logging, building, excavating – we want to keep them working and productive.”

“At Alliance, Galaxy and Primex, tires are engineered and built to provide reliable performance and a great return on investment. We are always looking for those value-adds that make doing business with us easier and more profitable for our customers,” said Clifford. “Occasionally a tire can experience a problem. If that happens, we want to make things right as quickly and fairly as we can.”

Alliance continues to innovate

The new app comes hot on the heels of ATG’s new suite of digital tools for its website, designed to streamline ordering from the global off-the-road tire manufacturer’s extensive catalogue and help tire dealers better manage their inventory. The redesigned website allows tire dealers to build orders by weight for freight discounts, use a shopping cart to assemble orders over time and check inventory in any of ATG’s five warehouses serving the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, in real time.

The company has indicated there are more upgrades and special features still to come.
The Warranty Wizard is available online and is free to download from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play store for Android. To submit a claim, go to or download the app.

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