Yokohama’s Geolandar picked as OE tire for new Jeep Compass

Yokohama Rubber announced that it has begun supplying its “Geolandar G055” as original equipment for FCA US LLC all-new Jeep Compass, which went on sale in North America in June 2017. The new Compass will come factory-equipped with 225/55R18 98H size tires. In addition, YOKOHAMA’s “Geolandar SUV” is original equipment on the Jeep Compass that the automaker launched in China in late 2016. The “Geolandar G055” is an SUV tire based on the Company’s leading-edge “BluEarth” tire technology. In addition to delivering the utility performance required for driving on various road surfaces, “Geolandar G055” tires contribute to the vehicle’s superior fuel-efficiency, comfort and safety. The “BluEarth” technology mark is prominently displayed on the tire’s sidewall. “Geolandar G055” tires are targeted at SUVs designed primarily for use onroad, including urban crossover models and small and midsize SUVs, which are popular around the world.


Yokohama Rubber is dynamically developing tires employing its leading-edge “BluEarth” tire technology, and many of these tires have been adopted by automakers as original equipment, especially on new eco car and hybrid vehicle models.

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