Yokohama RT41 875/65R29 Radial Expanded to Dual-Marked E-4**/L-4*

The Yokohama RT41 875/65R29 radial is now available for use on articulated dump trucks (ADTs) as a dual-marked E-4**/L-4* tire.

With its cut-and-chip-resistant compound, high-traction block tread pattern, and all-steel construction, the Yokohama RT41 has proven its durability and dependability in the harsh environments of quarries and mines around the world.

“The 875/65R29 RT41 radial has been a huge success on loaders operating in shot rock, gravel, and soft underfoot conditions, and it has passed the rigorous testing to also be designated an E-4** tire for articulated dump trucks,” says Dhananjay Bisht, Product Manager—Earthmoving, Construction and Industrial Tires for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc.

“The features that make the Yokohama RT41 a great loader tire—the extra-strong bead package to transfer torque, the reinforced sidewalls, block-tread pattern for excellent traction and heat dissipation, and the evenly distributed footprint—make it an outstanding performer on articulated dump trucks,” he notes. “And operators appreciate the stability and excellent steering that the RT41 delivers.”

Bisht adds that the convenience of stocking a single 29-inch high-performance tire for both E-4 and L-4 applications makes purchasing and inventory management more efficient for both tire dealers and quarry/mine managers. The Yokohama RT41 is also available as a dual-marked E-4**/L-4* in 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.

For more information on the 875/65R29 Yokohama RT41 E-4**/L-4* radial, ask your tire supplier, visit this landing page, check out this video, call (800) 343-3276 or visit

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