What you need to know about the TIA’s new TPMS chart

What you need to know about the TIA’s new TPMS chart

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is accepting pre-orders for the newest version of its tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) Relearn Chart. The TIA releases a new chart every year, with this latest release covering domestic and import vehicles model years 2008 through 2016.

According to the TIA, the chart is a valuable, comprehensive, and quick reference guide that helps technicians easily service most vehicles equipped with TPMS and will help save time and money.

What’s in the TPMS relearn chart?

The TPMS Chart is divided into domestic and import vehicle sections and includes relearn requirements, relearn summaries, OEM sensor part numbers, and replacement sensor and seal kit part numbers for Schrader Performance Sensors, Dill Air Controls, Myers Tire Supply, 31 Inc. Xtra-Seal, Standard Motor Products, NAPA Auto Parts, Steelman Select TPMS and JohnDow Industries. The chart also lists the torque specs for the sensor nut, torx bolt, worm gear and vehicle lug nuts.

Columns of data indicate when a system relearn is necessary, such as after a change in air pressure, tire rotation or tire/sensor replacement. The relearn summary includes a reference number corresponding to the vehicle’s procedure for initiating sensor relearn mode and troubleshooting tips for the more difficult vehicles.

Designed for technicians

The 2016 TPMS Relearn Chart, which was unveiled at this year’s SEMA Show, includes updated troubleshooting tips to help technicians when the relearn is not working, easier-to-understand relearn summaries, new pictures and part numbers for common multi-app/programmable sensors on the market and a new reference page with pictures and part numbers of the various types of TPMS valves.

“The TPMS Relearn Chart is a durable, easy-to-use source of information that is specifically designed to be handled and used by technicians on the shop floor,” said TIA director of Automotive Training Development Sean MacKinnon. “With the annual updates, tire dealerships are always prepared to service whatever vehicle drives into their shop.”

To place a pre-order, contact Melissa DiFiore at or call 800-876-8372, extension 107. More information is available on the TIA’s website.

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