U.S. AutoForce buys Denver-based Premier Tire

U.S. AutoForce has acquired Premier Tire

U.S. AutoForce buys Denver-based Premier Tire

Tire and auto parts wholesaler U.S. AutoForce has bought Denver-based Premier Tire for an undisclosed sum. The sale was finalized on Feb. 12, with the company reopening as U.S. AutoForce on Feb. 15.

Premier Tire — a family-owned company that had been operating in Colorado for more than 75 years — disclosed it had “been thinking how to continue to expand our product lines and grow in the ever-changing and competitive tire business.”

Premier Tire publishes open letter to loyal customers

“After recent changes by one of our main suppliers, we have decided to sell the assets of our business to U.S. AutoForce,” Mary Ellen Hornbacher and John Perschbacher of Premier Tire and Dwayne Burton, U.S. AutoForce’s regional sales manager, said in an open letter posted on Premier Tire’s website.

A division of U.S. Venture — another family-owned company that is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin — U.S. AutoForce has two locations in Colorado (Denver and Colorado Springs) and 29 warehouses across the country.

Passing on the baton

In the letter, Hornbacher, Perschbacher and Burton thanked their loyal customers and employees for their support throughout the years, saying: “we are confident that U.S. AutoForce will continue to give you great service and competitive pricing in addition to a broader inventory.”

“Venture is a family-owned company deeply committed to its customers and employees,” they said.

In addition to Goodyear and Cooper, U.S. AutoForce also has a number of product lines and marketing programs, including Carcierge — which tracks and records a car’s service data — and Tires Anytime, which provides support for 24/7 tire sales. U.S. AutoForce representatives are due to visit Premier Tire clients over the next few weeks to familiarize them with the new programs.

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