Unique Y-Shaped Center Block on Alliance 778 Revolutionizes Irrigation Tire Design

The unique Y-shaped center block of the Alliance 778 irrigation tire (launched this week by Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc.) marks a revolution in irrigation tire tread design. The overlapping Y shapes in the centerline of the zero-degree lug pattern improve both traction and durability compared to traditional lug patterns.

“You are guaranteed to be operating in wet conditions with an irrigation tire, so you absolutely need great traction,” says James Crouch, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America National Segment Manager—Agriculture and Forestry. “But you also want to minimize rutting and make sure every tire on every tower keeps itself clean, no matter which direction the tire is operating in. We completely redesigned the Alliance 778 irrigation tire to meet the very specific needs of farmers under irrigation.”

Under the overlapping-Y centerline is a sturdy tie bar that improves durability and service life.

Crouch adds that farmers and ag tire dealers asked for a compound that resists cracking from year-’round exposure to the elements.

“We developed a special ozone protection compound for the Alliance 778 to minimize the cracking that can plague conventional irrigation tires,” he explains. “It’s also resistant to sunlight and water. Every aspect of the Alliance 778, from the compound we make it out of to the fine points of the design and manufacturing process, has been optimized for great performance and long service life on an irrigation system.

“As irrigation systems get more precise and water and power become even more precious, keeping irrigation systems moving reliably and efficiently with high-performing tires is more important than ever,” Crouch notes.

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires has introduced the Alliance 778 irrigation tire in three sizes:

  • 290/85D38 (11.2-38)
  • 290/85D24 (11.2-24)
  • 380/85D24 (14.9-24)

For more information on the Alliance 778 irrigation tire, contact your Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Americas, Inc. source, visit, or call 1-(800) 343-3276.

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